Parenting is easy. Millions of people do it every day. Good parenting is hard!

As we send our children back to school this year, let’s give them the tools they need to succeed. I’m not talking about school supplies. I’m talking about...

ENCOURAGEMENT: Their best may not meet your expectations, but if it’s their best, it meets God’s. So keep it positive!

BOUNDARIES: You are not their friend. You are their parent. Check their phone. Delete apps you don’t understand or that make it too easy for your child to hide things from you.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Love them through every success AND failure. Not only will they mess up and disappoint you, you will mess up and disappoint them too. Be honest and apologize. Celebrate BIG 🎉 when they succeed! This goes a long way!!!!

JESUS: If He is with them, they will never be alone. Give them Jesus, and they will have a clearer understanding that this life is temporary, but we are eternal!

As our youngest heads to 10th grade, Jase and I are well aware of the parenting mistakes we’ve made in the past, but grace goes both ways: from parent to child and back to parent. Thank you, Lord, for grace, forgiveness and mercy!

Have a great school year! We sure plan on it!



On a recent podcast, Jace mentioned y’all were watching The Chosen. We cannot seem to locate it on Amazon Prime or IMDb.

Can you guide us in the right direction, please and thanks!

Mia is so grown up and pretty!

God Bless.

Mar 28, 2021

Cathie Raney:

I loved reading your book. I enjoyed DD back in the day and have found Unashamed and now am glad to read more from you. Your daughter is an inspiration to me. I saw you have a mother daughter series now. That’s wonderful. I am so thankful for your Christian walk and sharing with us. I love your whole family. You are a testimony to Jesus in this crazy world.

Mar 28, 2021

Pam Johnson :

Good to see y’all! Praying for a great surgery and quick recovery!!! God bless you!

Feb 06, 2021

Stephen and Anne Riggio:

We think that you are a wonderful family and your daughter is so beautiful… children don’t come with instructions that’s for sure but with prayer and believing in god all things are possible ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Feb 06, 2021


Your daughter is beautiful!

Feb 03, 2021

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