(Trump Hotel Presidential Ballroom)


“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free.  But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.  For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.”  Galatians 5:13-15 (NIV)


Jase and I were extremely privileged and honored to be invited to the Inauguration and related festivities in Washington, D. C. this past weekend.  Believe it or not, Jase didn’t agree to go until the Sunday prior due to the epic duck season we are having here in northeast Louisiana. (Is anyone surprised?) Sometimes it takes an outside voice telling him that he would be a complete idiot not to attend after being personally invited by the Trump family (no, it wasn’t me! Thank you, Barrett). Seeing this historical moment and witnessing this process first-hand was something both of us will never forget. We were on the phone with our kids both days telling them details of these amazing experiences.  Inside the walls of each of these events, we were among supporters, friends, fans of our show and fellow Americans with their own personal stories.  I met people from all over the country whose husbands fought in Afghanistan, whose children were born with physical challenges like Mia’s and who were excited to hear how many times God was mentioned from the Capitol platform.  We all shared our optimism about the future of our country.


However, right outside these safe places were protestors.  I can’t tell you what their signs said, because after seeing the first one with the “F” word plastered on it, I turned away.  I couldn’t help from hearing their words, though, as they blocked our path on the sidewalk while shouting, “Nazi Pigs, walk on the dirt!” Armed with weapons and protective gear, police were lined up on one side less than 3 feet to our left while the protestors were less than 18 inches from our right, screaming profanities, raising their fists and hurling insults in our faces.  It was a very intense few moments that made me feel intimidated, scared and angry.  The feelings of being intimidated and scared came immediately.  The anger came over the next few minutes as I walked and thought about my own grandpa “Pops” who is a navy veteran.  Did they know that I am part German from my Pops’ side?  Did they know that my Pops was a fighter pilot in World War II?  Did they know that he joined the U. S. Navy in order to help stop the Nazi’s from killing people for no other reason other than they didn’t agree with their way of life?  Did they care to even ask?  The name they were calling me was exactly the opposite of who I am.  Isn’t that what they say their reason is for protesting against us?  It all seemed so irrational.  It all seemed so ungodly. 


Maybe that’s why the above verse kept coming to my mind.  The people around me were silently walking, just like me and Jase.  One young lady dressed in a beautiful red gown, high heels and jewels, yelled back, “My husband fought for your rights!” as she kept walking.  Did they succeed in intimidating us?  Somewhat, yes.  Did they succeed in forcing us off the concrete sidewalk?  Yes, instead, we all had to walk on the manicured lawn of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  Thankfully, we all remained safe and enjoyed a fabulous night of celebration.


I’ve heard the saying recently regarding Washington, D. C., “be careful what you say and do, because every 4 or 8 years, chances are you’ll find yourself on the other side.”  I’ve disagreed with the policies of the last administration, but I took comfort in this passage in Romans 13:


“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.”


It’s easy to say the coined phrase, “God doesn’t make mistakes” when it comes to something we agree with, but what about those things with which we do not agree?  We must trust that God knows what we do not. 


Titus 3:1-2 helps remind us of this. 


“Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone.”


This should be the goal of everyone who claims to be a Christian, a child of God, redeemed, forgiven, who have hope for a forever future.  Yes, we celebrate now with our choice, with our victory.  But we should remember that in a few short years, we may be back on the disapproving side.  How will our words and actions depict us as Christians?  Even now, our response to these hateful and demeaning remarks and insults will show whose citizens we are.  While we may be proud Americans, our forever home awaits. 


Oh, and on a side note, they didn't kill a duck at home on Friday.  Sometimes, God just gives you the desires of your heart.


Have a wonderful week!



We should treat others the way we want others to treat us! We shouldn’t judge others if we don’t want to be judged! We should respect others if we want to be respected! Everyone see’s life in different ways, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong it’s just different than your way! Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we should show anger and hate toward someone for the way they believe. These actions aren’t the way to communicate if people want to protest that is there right! Showing anger and vulger language and destroying of peoples property is not the way an adult should act! If rolls were reversed would those protesters want to be treated the same way! What ever you do in life effects your loved ones, all your family and friends. The most important thing is it effects that persons life! Think before you act!!! Love others if you want to be loved! Please don’t hurt other people physically or mentally!

Jan 24, 2017

Chris Hodgens:

The saddest part is that most of those young , radical cowards have a member of their family that served this nation. Proud of the poise and dignity that you showed. God bless you and keep you

Ps. It is awesome shooting here in Texas as well?

Jan 24, 2017

Jeff Embry:


I am so sorry that you saw the things that you saw in the City that I live near…and call home (at least the Washington Metro area is home). Please know that many of those folks that you saw and were intimidated by may have been folks from outside the area that were bussed in and used this as an excuse to be mean, intimidate, or otherwise cause harm to people and property…why? I guess because they can be anonymous and since it is expected, they can get away with it. As far as the “F” word…I spent over 20 years in the Navy hopefully protecting their right to do just that. That being said, I remember my father once telling me after hearing me utter the word ‘damn’ that there are too many good words in the English language to have to resort to cussing. I believe this still today and while I accept other rights to speak, I do my best not to do so. I did not vote for President Trump because I do not trust him to do what is better for the Country. Indeed I hope I am wrong, but I think that he will set the Country back at least one generation, if not more. That said, with God’s help, I believe that this Country is resilient enough to survive. The campaign has brought many raw emotions concerning race, women’s rights, equality, etc. to the forefront for us to hopefully deal with. I for one think that they have been buried to make it look as though progress had been made. Once we as a Nation, and hopefully the World can recognize that we are all part of the ‘Human’ race and begin to show respect and humanity toward all, then I feel we can say we have really achieved something. God Bless you and the rest of the family.

Jan 24, 2017

Susan | thesparrowshome.com:

Thank you for sharing a first hand account of the experience! Watching it, seeing the protesters, you don’t really get the feel as you described of having people just feet from you screaming insults at you. One would hope that reading an account like yours might make a difference to anyone who is willing to consider a perspective other than their own. Maybe it will help them see that the sweeping generalizations of the media are not accurate. That the people they are trying to intimidate are decent people who happen to view the world differently than they do. And as you mentioned, were unhappy with the previous leadership but acted respectfully. Lovely. Thank you.

Jan 24, 2017

Sheila A. :

Ok so I really didn’t want to have to do this, but I feel led to say something to the people who keep saying President Trump said & did so many horrible things. Please understand that no one is without mistakes in their lives. No one is perfect except Jesus. But Jesus’ death was for all of us so that when we make mistakes in life, we can say we’re sorry and be forgiven and move on. I saw & heard Donald Trump say he was sorry & I also saw him praying with pastors of several churches, holding his bible & accepting Jesus into his heart. So maybe this can help those people see that if we expect to be forgiven when we say we’re sorry, we should also forgive those who say they’re sorry & try to prove themselves trust worthy. Give him a chance…he’s already brought back a lot of jobs & saving our tax paying dollars from funding abortion amongst a lot of other regulations he’s taking off small business owners just trying to survive! I also believe the Lord is leading him to start exposing all the government & media lies! The truth shall set us free❣

Jan 24, 2017

Felicia Auttonbery :

Ms Missy, thank u for sharing.. wish i could have been there to support our new president and his family. I was embarrassed for those marching, yelling obscenities, burning things down.. I , as an American , was appalled at the behavior of these people. I didn’t agree with Mr Obama but u didn’t see me disrespecting our country,, it’s a shame. I pray that Mr President Donald Trump will find the help he needs to run this great country.

Jan 24, 2017

Amanda :

I love this.

Jan 24, 2017

Gerilyn Cramer:

Missy, Thank you for sharing.

Jan 24, 2017

CB :

Thank you for this post! I’m disappointed and sad to hear that many of the protesters behaved aggressively. Nonetheless, don’t you understand that Donald Trump IS “ungodly”?? He is sexually perverted, narcissistic, egotistical, and dishonest! He knows nothing of Christ’s work. I’m glad to hear you ultimately were able to enjoy your time in DC. Anyways, God bless. <3

Jan 24, 2017

Sheila A. :

I couldn’t have said this better myself. Great devotional Missy! It never ceases to amaze me to see the hand of God move. I feel that He is definitely preparing us for something amazing. It is so evident to me that the light is being separated from the dark right now & the devil is furious at the event that just took place. What a time to be alive!
You & Jase looked awesome! It must’ve been a great experience❣

Jan 24, 2017

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