I can’t wait to read “Blessed, Blessed…Blessed” and also work through the accompanying companion workbook – What a cool addition! Just the small portion that I’ve read has made me anxious to dig in further – as a mom and a journalist, I didn’t realize that cleft lip/cleft palate is so common – it’s one of the most common conditions for babies born in this country and no one knows why it happens. I enjoyed visiting with the Robertson’s on set and snapping some fun photos after...and I’m a fan of Mia’s for life! She left our interview cartwheeling down a Fox News hallway…so I hope that means she’s happy with how her story is inspiring others! #BraveMia www.miamoo.org blessedblessedblessed.com (CC: Jase Robertson)

Posted by Jenna Lee on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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