Missy Robertson is no stranger to America. She is well known for a variety of reasons, including her appearances and witty one-liners on A&E's hit reality television show Duck Dynasty. But what does Missy do when she's not supporting her duck hunting husband or putting in hours at Duck Commander?

A Loving Mother & Wife

Missy is the loving wife of Jase Robertson and the devoted mother of three beautiful children, Cole, Reed, and Mia. She spends as much time as possible helping her children with homework, playing music and more. Jase and her are commonly quoted saying that God comes first, then family, and then everything/anyone else you love. Missy doesn't just say this, but practices it daily. She has been known to spend hours singing and playing music with her family, as demonstrated in Duck the Halls, the families debut Christmas album, available for download under the 'Merchandise' tab above. Missy also volunteers as a music teacher at her children's school.

A Devoted Volunteer and Patron

Missy enjoys volunteering her time to helping others. Missy is an active volunteer at several charities, such as the Ouachita Christian School, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, WFR Missions and more. You can read more about these charities and volunteer yourself here. Missy has also started a few charities herself, most recently the Mia Moo Fund. This foundation was formed because of the support her family received when her daughter, Mia, entered her fifth surgery to treat a cleft lip and palate. Missy hopes to take the support that was shown to her daughter and pass it on to others throughout the world suffering from similar trials.

Finally, Modest Clothes to Fit the Every-Day, Active, Fun-Loving Woman!

Missy has recently released her first clothing line, a spring collection, aimed to bring active, every-day woman a beautiful and modest way to live life. This clothing line has been a huge success and has only helped to establish Missy as a devoted and faithful follower of Christ and his teachings.

Missy is an exceptional figure for woman across the world. She spends her time helping others, promoting faith, humility, modestly, and much, much more. We invite you to follow us as we document the work of Missy and her family.


Craig Warren :

Hello Missy,
I am trying to contact Jase. I have land in Cameron Montana that has a home built in late 1800’s. It is nestled against National forest on Sheep creek. It has four structures on it. Looks like no one has occupied it for 50 years at least. It has a Colt carbine generatore i found that was used in 1888 to 1910. I thought it would be great for his metal detection ventures. My wife and i love his unashamed podcast. Its been a spiritual blessing. If interested i can send some pics. The address is 117 Sheep Creek road, Cameron Montana.

Craig & Kamela Warren

Sep 10, 2021

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