Once again, Jase and Missy Robertson have proven themselves as strong and faithful Christians in an imperfect world. While Jase and Missy recognize they are not perfect, they strive to be the best they can, and teach their children to do the same.

This video shows a recent interview with Jase and Missy of Duck Dynasty talk about what makes them so strong as a family. Jase states that God comes first, followed by family, and then whatever else people love, which happens to be ducks in his case. He also talks about what makes hunting so special for him – it didn't matter so much that he was shooting ducks. Rather, he was among good company and his family is what truly made him happy. Jase states that his family was extremely poor growing up, but he isn't any more the happy now that he has a steady income coming in. It is his family that makes him happy.

Missy chimes in with encouraging advice, telling the world that she and Jase fell in love at a young age, but that their love lasted because it was founded on Christ. The happily married couple goes on to explain that they decided to live a Godly life at a young age, and explain how that has benefited them directly, as well as how this has influenced their children.

The Robertson family is always the first to stand up for what they believe in. In fact, in an interview not too long ago, Kay, the mother of Jase Robertson, stated that Duck Dynasty was simply an opportunity for them to share their beliefs and do missionary work. It seems that Jase and Missy feel the same. Tune in to Duck Dynasty this season as we watch this family move forward together, laugh, cry and build relationships.

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