Mia Robertson, Jase & Missy Robertson Mia Robertson has also been an incredible example of positive thinking and optimism. Born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate, Mia has faced many trials that many people cannot even imagine. These challenges included difficulty in forming words that others do easily, eating and more. But Mia has stood by Christ throughout the entire thing.

At the beginning of January, Mia underwent her fifth surgery for cleft lip and palate. Her father, Jase, announced that this would not be the final surgery. She came out with a thumbs up and high spirits. The Robertson family was thrilled at the support fans gave through Twitter, Facebook, blog posts and more. With this in mind, Jase and Missy created the Mia Moo Fund, dedicated to bring this same type of support to children throughout the world born with cleft lip and cleft palate.

Duck Dynasty, the Robertson families hit television reality show, has announced that the season finale will follow Mia and tell her story. Though this has proven difficult for the family, they always look on the bright side, stating that God is always on their side. In fact, as Mia prepared for the surgery, Missy tweeted the following: "God's got this!"

On his personal Facebook page, Jase Robertson wrote, "This week on Duck Dynasty a one hour finale of season 5 will be on Wednesday, March 26th. It has some fun moments but it is also includes the raw reality of my little girl, Mia, and her special challenges. Earlier this year she had her fifth surgery on her cleft palate and she will have future procedures due to her condition. The production crew did a fantastic job of filming the episode from a professional distance and putting the high points together for your viewing. Personally, it was tough to take the risk of having such a difficult situation filmed. The main reason we decided to do this as a family is to draw awareness for kids like Mia."

We look forward to seeing Mia as she pushes forward, and we're so proud of her and her willingness to be an example. She demonstrates incredible faith and devotion for one so young, and we can only imagine that she will only grow stronger from here on out!

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